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WeDoAgency is a team of like-minded people with experience in organizing fashionable ceremonies for famous glossy magazines and knowledge of show business and cinema technologies. We are able to create both massive multifunctional and atmospheric chamber events.

We always tell the newlyweds about a lovely atmosphere at the wedding and how important the sense of humor of a couple and guests is. We explain that an ideal wedding is not just a banquet and a concert of famous artists, but also unusual musical and video acts, directed specifically for the event. The wedding should be unostentatious, gentle and with sense of humor, so that everyone present would enjoy, and newlyweds would get pleasant memories for the whole life!

Each WeDoAgency event is held at a high level and provide first-class service to its customers thanks to the following things: development of details, venue preparation, competent scenography, direction, professional suppliers, creative solutions, compliance with the time requirements and expectations of newlyweds and guests, concierge services and much more!

Best regards, the WeDoAgency team