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Galya and Spartac. Love Story

This beautiful fall celebration was conceived as a special story, revealing the identity of the newlyweds. The decorations were inspired by the bride’s love for coffee: shades of powder, milk chocolate and coffee beans seemed to fill the hall with an invigorating aroma. The organizers and decorators also managed to harmoniously fit into the interior of the concert hall many flowers and plants, without losing the integrity of the design. Cotton branches added softness, orchids added notes of aristocracy, succulents reminded of a hot summer, and pale roses evoked the most tender feelings. The evening program was thought out and written exclusively for this couple, so that friends and relatives could feel the particularity of the relationship of Galia and Spartak. The wedding dinner began with a spectacular intro filmed in Los Angeles, where the couple were on holiday shortly before the wedding. Friends of the bride and bridegroom gifted to the couple a creative video.